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Piste Mobile App

From the creative minds of Thought-Stuff, Piste is a concept app designed with the avid skier in mind.

Being an avid skier, I often find myself spending time waiting for friends in the lift line, searching the countless number of skier for the one helmet/jacket combination that you know so well. Taking the wrong trail and ending up at a different lift is an all-to-common occurrence, leaving both skiers wondering what the acceptable amount of time is before getting back on the lift. Are they standing in a lift line on the other side of the mountain? Are they having fun in the terrain park while you sit there waiting?

Using the latest GPS technology, Piste aims to remove the needless waiting and keep you skiing by tracking the exact location and movement of your family and friends on the mountain.

Do you or one of your ski companions need help? Was someone injured and in need of help from the ski patrol. With Piste, you can send out injury notifications to all of your friends currently on the mountain, or send a help message directly to Ski Patrol. Your exact location will be displayed, significantly reducing the time if takes for help to arrive.

While this is only in a concept phase right now, we are actively working on the beginning stages of bringing this app to life.

  • GPS Mapping and Pin Location.
  • GPS Mapping and Pin Location.
  • GPS Mapping and Pin Location.
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